Why is Australiana Botanicals Unique and Different?

It works! 

The power of our products is in our proprietary blend of nutrient rich Australian Outback botanical ingredients. Australia's unique flora are the most powerful plants of earth - jam packed with goodness and proven to be amazing for skin care, health and nutrition. You can't have fabulous, youthful looking skin unless it's healthy.  These botanicals will give you that. And more!

Secondly our products are free from harmful chemicals and are pure, natural & safe.

So, it's what we use and what we don't use..... that makes all the difference!    See our Ingredients Policy and our Pure, Natural and Safe pages.

We use the most powerful botanicals on earth - native Australian outback super fruits and newly discovered Australian essential oils.

Our customers are modern and savvy. They want the very best and the very latest!  Recently discovered Australian native botanicals are super rich in a myriad of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, healing and restorative nutrients.  Simply amazing for skin care!

We don't use harmful chemicals!  Our products are Pure, Natural and Safe.

We care about what you put on your skin!  No one should have to absorb potentially harmful chemicals to look younger and slow down the aging process!  So many skin care products (including big brand names...surprise, surprise) contain dubious chemicals that absorb into your skin. Some are known to be harmful, but big companies still do it!  We don't! Our products will make your skin look amazing......and be healthy..... with complete peace of mind.

The best skin of your life.......starts here!


We want to give you the best skin of your life. None of us want to age or lose our looks. But how do you do that effectively and feel safe knowing you are not absorbing harmful chemicals.

  • Our Australian Superfruits™ proprietary blends are a veritable powerhouse of skin conditioning goodness. 
  • Our fusions of selected, nutrient intense superfruits with newly discovered, high value, Australian native essential oils makes us unique. 
  • Our use of only high grade botanical ingredients offering pure, natural and safe skin care products places us in the top echelon of skin care manufacturers who really do care about what our customers are applying on their skin!

Amazing Ancient Superfruits

Scientific studies have shown that Australian native Outback fruits, and newly discovered Aussie essential oils, offer unsurpassed benefits in topical skin care - with extraordinary cleansing, anti-aging, rejuvenating, restoring and soothing properties. Even aromatherapy qualities!

Australian indigenous people have survived thousands of years in the harsh environment of the Australian outback, often sparse in food  -  quantity had to be replaced by quality. For example: The Kakadu Plum has recorded 100 times as much vitamin C as an orange, by weight. Many times greater than blueberries and has the highest known concentration of vitamin C of any known plant source. And several more times the anti-oxidant ability of blueberries - until now, the gold standard of anti-oxidant ability. The Quandong, an ancient outback fruit, long used by indigenous people as a protein replacement when meat was in scarce supply, is made up of 25% protein and 75% complex oils and jam packed with nutrients. The Quandong kernel has also been used for thousands of years to create powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory pastes. The Lilly Pilly has been long known by aboriginals as the “medicine berry”.

Newly Discovered Essential Oils

Over the past ten to fifteen years some wonderful new discoveries have been made in Australian native essential oils.  These essential oils not only have luscious, soft and exotic fragrances but have amazing properties to soothe, calm, hydrate, heal and revitalize your skin: properties such as being highly anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and even aromatherapy like qualities to calm and relax.

We have skillfully combined these wonderful oils with our proprietary Australian Superfruits™ blend to produce a simply amazing range of the best skin care products available anywhere at any price.

We are at the forefront of these amazing discoveries so you have the very best!Ancient Australian nutrient rich superfruits combined with newly discovered essential oils using ultra-modern technology brings you an incomparable range of unique skin care products.Your passport to silky, kissable skin!

Australian Government Study

In 2009 the Australian Government commissioned a formal scientific study to assess the nutritional properties and health benefits of a selected range of Australian native outback foods to determine industrial potential. The results were extremely positive and proved the high levels of anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial agents, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, folate, lutein, rutin and amyriadof other nutrients that promote health and well-being.And of course, healthy, radiant skin.


Pure. Natural. Safe.™